Silicon Microgravity is a technology platform-based company focused on developing and applying innovative technology where we can apply gravity to create value.

We have developed a unique high performance, ultra-sensitive, yet robust MEMS resonant accelerometer. This has a projected resolution (while being incredibly small) of approximately one billionth of the Earth’s gravity. It has application within inertial navigation, seismology and gravimetry-geophysics including suitability for CO2 storage/sequestration monitoring, oil/gas surveillance, ground water management, civil-geotechnical engineering, mining engineering; and even to the defence and space industries. Our current geophysical technology focus has the potential to disrupt current practices in oil/gas production - CO2 storage monitoring that can achieve real production/cost efficiencies while helping to meet operators social, safety and environmental goals.

We are also developing a high-performance MEMS rate gyro technology (also incredibly small) that will have applications from stabilisation to tactical and inertial navigation grades. When used in combination, gyros and accelerometers form important components for inertial navigation, for example guidance of autonomous vehicles, and our small SWAP (size, weight and power), low cost, with unique sensitivity will allow new many applications to be exploited.

SMG technology is based on over 10 years of research from the Cambridge University in collaboration with the BP PLC.


Gravitational data at sensitivities not easily or economically achievable


Breakthrough technology featuring high performance, low cost, miniaturization and robustness


We integrate our sensors into industry standard toolsets and deliver surveys


From oil/gas reservoir and CO2 storage surveillance through water management, civil, mining to military, AVs and space that create value for customers.

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“We are excited about the potential for SMG’s technology to help us pinpoint where water is within a reservoir and enable us to take mitigating action.”

Akira Kirton, BP Ventures