IIoT and Digital Solutions in Oil and Gas 2017 Paul Vickery, Executive Chairman, will be presenting Silicon Microgravity at the conference “IIoT and Digital Solutions for Oil and Gas” on 8 June in Amsterdam where he will explain how SMG is providing enhanced oil recovery with borehole gravity.


Gravity measurement is widely used in the oil industry on the surface

Improve yield

Defined customer need, e.g., monitoring water floods. Expected to improve reservoir yield by 1% to 2%


We integrate our sensors into standard toolsets and deliver surveys

Market Size

Our addressable market is 10,000 conventional oil and gas wells

Silicon MicroGravity (“SMG”) is a spinout company from Cambridge University. The Company has developed a high performance Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) accelerometer with a projected resolution of approximately one billionth of the Earth’s gravity, while allowing for measurement over a 180 decibel (dB) dynamic range. SMG is a collaboration with the energy company, BP, which has been funding the development of the technology for nearly six years.

SMG has been launched with initial funding of $3m from venture capitalists (VCs) in London and Cambridge together with grant funding from the UK Government.

Latest News

“We are excited about the potential for SMG’s technology to help us pinpoint where water is within a reservoir and enable us to take mitigating action.”

Akira Kirton, BP Ventures